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Advantages Of Giving Your Piano Students Examinations At Regular Intervals

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When you decide to begin teaching piano lessons to children and adults in your community, one of your first priorities will be to develop a plan on how you'll approach teaching. Some teachers provide a series of lessons for a series of weeks, while others take a similar approach but provide a written and/or performance examination at the end of a set period of time. There are advantages to the former scenario, but you'll generally find that scheduling exams — even if they make your students a little anxious — is a good idea. Here are some reasons why.

They Hold Students Accountable

Even though you're trying to earn some income by teaching piano lessons, this shouldn't be your main priority. Most importantly, your goal should be to teach people who to play this instrument. Without any examinations, students may not take their lessons seriously; this can especially be true among children whose parents have enrolled them in the lessons. However, when your students know that they'll need to perform on an exam in a set number of weeks, it automatically should make them more accountable to learn and do their homework.

They Provide Results For Parents

Parents who enroll their children in piano lessons want to see some results. Without examinations, there may not be a definable way to show how a student has progressed —for example, he or she may be able to play a song for the parents, but not demonstrate a solid knowledge of music theory. When you administer exams, a student's mark will demonstrate a clear result for the parents. For example, a student who earns a grade of "A" on a theory exam clearly knows the content, and this shows that you're doing a good job as a teacher.

They Help You With Future Advertising

Giving your piano students examinations can also help you when it comes time to advertise your services in the community and online. Because exams give you a clear way to track your students' progress, you can use some average scores as a testament to your aptitude as a teacher. For example, you can say that your students average grades of 85 percent on their written and performance exams. This statistic demonstrates that your students are retaining what you're teaching, and this is in part to your skill as an instructor. Such information may be helpful in getting more students to enroll with you.

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