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Four Things You Can Do To Ring In The New Year

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Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are steeped in tradition. You may not have such a set plan for the new year, yet you want to commemorate the passing of time in a meaningful way. Here are four ideas on how to make this new year's celebration special. 

Go to a New Years Eve Party

If you join one of the new years eve parties in your area, you can join in on a group of people that's also out celebrating. There is a lot of synergy in ringing in the new year with a lot of other people who are also excitedly doing the same thing. If you're feeling like you need some camaraderie this year, this could be the perfect idea for you. 

Cook a New Years Feast

Be good to yourself this upcoming year. One way to start that promise out on the right foot is to cook yourself an excellent meal on new year's day. Choose foods that are special to you personally, or look up traditional new year feast items to include on your menu. 

Start Journaling

Of course, many people use this time of year to reflect on what is going right and wrong in their lives. If you haven't caught the wave yet, you can get started by purchasing a journal. Write down the things that have been successful for you this year. Talk about things that were hurtful or difficult. Look for trends in the way you behave or handle situations. If you feel inclined, start making a list of potential new year's resolutions. Only do this if you feel like you are ready to carry a resolution forward. Making a resolution and then breaking it can sometimes just make you feel worse. 

Make a List of People to Contact and Wish a Good Year

The final item on this list of suggestions is to make a list of people that you'd like to get back in contact with, and call them or email them to wish them a happy new year. This is often a less busy time of year for people, because it's after the holidays. It's not summer or the more outdoorsy seasons, so people might be at home and looking for more to do. That makes it a good time to reconnect with people, because their schedules might be free. You never know what kind of meaningful correspondence or in-person meetings you might get out of this.