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Keeping Film Costs Low On Your First Movie

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If you've got tired of waiting to sell your screenplay and have decided to film your own movie, panicking over money is normal. To get your movie made without abandoning it for financial reasons, consider these film-making suggestions.

Rent Generators

Affording equipment is often the first challenge for new filmmakers. Luckily, renting equipment is more cost-effective; you just need to be smart about the equipment that you rent. Movie generator rentals, for instance, are sometimes overlooked in favor of lights and cameras, but they allow you to be more creative with settings.

One generator can power activities for most of the crew if you're in a remote location--you can charge camera battery packs, ensure makeup artists have sufficient lighting to apply makeup and the crew can eat a hot meal. Generator rentals can make the art of movie-making possible. This can save money because you are getting work done and not having to make other purchases because you're running out of batteries, need to make meal runs, or buying mobile lights for crew work.

Avoid Casting Friends

New filmmakers always seem to want to enlist friends in their projects to cut costs. Unless your friends are professionals on set and can contribute to the project, it could be better to leave them out. Hiring professional camera operators, actors, hair stylists, and other crew can actually save money because their expertise allows them to do the work efficiently. Counting on pros means that you expect a work ethic which means you waste less time and aren't casually playing around on set.

Try Crowdfunding

To raise funds, you may want to reach out to your social media followers. Once you explain the film to your social contacts, they may want to support you financially. Set up a crowdfunding site and come up with tiers of rewards that will encourage financial support at multiple levels. For small contributions, for example, you may offer tickets to a screening. For large contributions, you can offer walk-on roles, set visits, or other incentives.

Plan Well

Perhaps nothing is more cost-saving on a film set than using your time well and planning properly. Create a good schedule and ensure you adhere to it. Cut fluff in your screenplay so that you aren't spending money and time on scenes that aren't absolutely necessary to the film.

These movie-making pointers can enable the completion of your first project. Stick with it and your film will be made. For more information about a generator rental, contact a company like SAS Rentals today.