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Will The Weather Be Right? What You Should Know About Planning Your Bounce House

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There are few things children love as much as a large, inflatable bounce house. Bounce houses can be affordably rented for any type of celebration, whether it's a birthday or a school event. The major concern many people have with bounce houses is whether the weather will be suitable. High winds and rains can make a bounce house a little more dangerous than it needs to be, so what can you do to prepare?

What Happens If the Weather Is Bad?

Most rental services will simply reschedule your reservation if the weather is bad. No one wants a bounce house to be used during rain or wind: it can be wildly unpredictable how severely the bounce house will be impacted. In fact, a rental service isn't likely to let you set up their bounce house if the winds are high enough, as there is a danger that the bounce house could blow away.

Thus, you can feel perfectly safe making a reservation with the knowledge that your reservation can be rescheduled or canceled if the weather turns out to be bad. Bounce house rentals understand that there's really no way to accurately predict the weather.

Inside Is Often the Best Place

An inside location like an auditorium is usually the best place for a bounce house rental. While parks may be more accessible, they're also more dangerous: wind can pick up at any time. Renting an auditorium or holding the event in a school or other large community space is often the safest idea. This also means you aren't going to need to reschedule your entire event if it starts to rain.

There Are Some Times That Are Better Than Others

When people are planning weddings, they generally can look at the times that are most likely to rain or storm. For instance, the fall months are far more likely to be rainy than the summer months. You can plan your bounce house around times that are statistically less likely to experience rain in your area, thereby reducing your risk of having to cancel. While this doesn't eliminate the risk entirely, it will still count towards something.

Your inflatable bounce house rental service can tell you more about when and where they recommend you place your bounce house. They may even have a facility available for you to put it in—or they may have a list of dates where it's more likely to be windy.