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Three Ways To Set Up Multiple TV's In A Video Gaming Room

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If you're enough of a video game enthusiast that you want to devote a room in your home to this pastime, you'll have fun thinking of all the ways to make this space appealing for your gaming sessions. The right decorations on the walls, comfortable seating, and other amenities can all contribute to your video gaming room, but the TVs that you install will be the focal point. For many gaming rooms, a variety of TVs is your best approach. This way, multiple people can play together, either competing against one another or cooperating against players from across the world. Here are three different ways to set up multiple TVs in your video gaming room.

One On Each Wall

A fun way to mount each of the TVs that you'll use in your gaming room is to place one on each of the room's four walls. This idea might seem unusual, but when you and your friends are playing against one another, it's ideal if you don't see one another's screens so that you can't track your foe's position by peeking at his or her screen. People will play more honestly when you have one screen per wall, and you can set up four comfortable chairs in the center of the room facing outward.

In A Row On One Wall

Another option is to mount each of the TVs on a single wall, all in a row. In addition to looking snazzy when your friends enter your video gaming room for the first time, this setup can be conducive to certain types of games. For example, if you enjoy racing games and frequently have long races against your friends, it can be fun to have everyone sit side by side with your screens in a row. In this type of game, it's OK to be able to peek at your opponent's screen to assess his or her position on the track, and this TV setup will allow you to do so.

In A Grouping On One Wall

You might also choose to mount the TVs in a grouping on one wall of your gaming room. For example, if you have four TVs, putting them in a square shape with two screen above the other two screens can give you the clean look that you want. In this setup, everyone can sit together on individual chairs or a couple of coaches. Placing your TVs in this position is ideal if you want to use the room for other recreational pursuits and want to ensure that you have enough wall space in other areas of the room.

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