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Tailgating For The First Time? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Tailgating is a very popular tradition many teams' fans enjoy before a big game and even during one. If you have thought of going to a tailgate party but haven't had the chance to attend yet, you are in for a treat.

If you are heading to your first tailgate party before a big game, here is what you need to know.

Go Early To Get Good Parking

Tailgate parties tend to start a few hours before game time and often continue during the game, too. If you are attending a traditional tailgate party, this means you need to go early to get the best parking you can. The spots fill up quickly, and the team management reserves areas for people to set up tents and BBQ stands.

If you want a good parking spot and one that is close to the tailgate party, you will have to get there during setup. If you are attending a VIP tailgate party, follow the instructions of the organizers on when to arrive and where to park. These events are often sponsored by the team or a local company, and you will need to buy tickets for them.

Should You Bring Anything With You?

Many tailgates require you to bring your own food, such as BBQ, or whatever you want to bring. Others, however, don't require you to bring any kind of food or drink as it is supplied right there, along with alcoholic drinks.

You should bring sunscreen, team jerseys or other clothing in team colors, and pennants or team towels you can use to cheer with. Sometimes these items are for sale at a tailgate party or are given out by the team.

There Is More Than Just Food

If you have never been to a tailgating party before, especially a VIP one hosted by the team or local business, you might not realize that there is usually more to it than just food. In fact, you might be able to tour part of the stadium where most fans don't get to see. You could take part in games or watch the cheerleaders perform, and even some musicians are invited to attend and perform a concert before the game or just after.

It can be possible, too, to watch the players practice before the game or during warm-up. Or, you could watch them enter the stadium via their own entrance.

Watch The Game After Or During The Party

Many VIP tailgate events give you two options for watching the game. Either you can attend the actual game in the stadium itself after leaving the party, or you could stay at the tailgate party. There are many who continue on throughout the entire game and watch on TVs while continuing to party.