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Plan A Vineyard Wedding And Reception

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If you and your partner have gone on many wine tasting tours, you may have decided upon using one of the vineyards as the venue where your wedding and reception will take place. The rustic setting paired with the nostalgia of the location can provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable day or evening.

Inquire About The Accommodations

Some vineyard owners offer full-service wedding options, including a commercial kitchen, furnishings, a dining area, and restrooms. Other establishments may be able to accommodate a wedding and reception but will require the clients to furnish the majority of the items that will be needed to host an event.

If the vineyard is going to serve mainly as the setting for the event, but you and your partner will need to handle all of the dining, seating, and entertainment aspects, write a list of what you will need and receive quotes for all of the rentals and purchases that you will be faced with. In addition to renting furnishing and a tent or hiring a catering crew, you will need to find out if transporting items to the venue will be included in the cost.

Your catering team may need to prepare the bulk of the food items prior to the event, unless a portable kitchen unit is going to be used onsite.

If you would like to give your guests a gift at the end of the event, purchase mini bottles of your favorite wine variety and choose to have labels affixed to them that have your and your spouse's name and wedding date printed on them. 

Be Mindful Of The Season And Other Guests

What do you want to experience during the wedding ceremony and reception? Is the vision of lush green or purple grapes and healthy vines something that you would like to use as the backdrop for your wedding pictures? If so, you need to plan the wedding at the right time of the year.

Check with the owner of the vineyard to determine a suitable time to plan the event. If you are not so concerned about the time of the year but would like to provide your guests with the opportunity to tour the grounds, maybe you could set up a group tour after you and your partner exchange vows.

In addition, be aware that there may be other guests who are touring the property. If you want your wedding and reception to be private, you may be able to reserve part of the property or request to hold the event on a day that the vineyard is closed to the public.

Keep these factors in mind as you check out vineyards and other venue options like Rainbow Gardens.