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Three Fun Ways That Your Wedding DJ Can Keep Your Wedding Reception On Schedule

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If you and your spouse-to-be are planning your wedding reception, it's possible that you'll be setting a schedule to which you want to adhere. Most people have been to wedding receptions in which the adherence to the schedule is weak, and this can lead to an event that feels somewhat amateurish. If you want to keep the reception running on schedule, you might be reluctant to play the role of timekeeper on your big day. One person who can play this role is your wedding DJ. Here are some fun ways that he or she can keep your reception on schedule.

Play "Wrap-Up Music"

At awards shows, award recipients who speak too long are often encouraged to wrap up their remarks when background music begins to play. Your wedding DJ can take a similar approach when speeches are going on too long. While he or she shouldn't seek to quell scheduled speeches, some receptions have guests who approach the microphone and begin to tell stories — sometimes, after they've been drinking. If you want to keep these incidents brief, you can give a signal to the DJ and he or she can begin to play wrap-up music.

Alert You To Schedule Changes

It can be easy for the happy couple to begin to lose track of the time, and this can often result in scheduling issues for the reception. When you meet with your wedding DJ in advance, you should provide him or her with a copy of your preferred schedule. The DJ can then be responsible for keeping an eye on it and letting you know when the next part of the reception should begin. He or she can do so subtly by playing some music quietly, or actually send an assistant to go find you and tell you about the schedule change that is due to happen.

Control The Lights

You can also ask your wedding DJ to control some of the lights in the reception venue — including the venue's lights, as well as any other lights that the DJ has set up. Lighting changes can be an effective way to keep your reception on schedule, rather than constantly making announcements over the public address system. For example, by dimming the lights in one part of the room and lighting up another part of the room, the DJ will automatically compel your guests to begin moving to the lighted area for the next part of your reception.

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