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5 Reasons To Start Listening To Vinyl Records Again

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Tech fads come and go and most of them are simply trends with no real quality, substance, or longevity.  But there are some trends that have stuck with us because they provide, if not superior technology, an experience that makes them worthwhile. Vinyl records are the perfect example of this. Even though vinyl seems like a thing of the past, it's now the top selling physical form for music purchases. Here are five reasons to start listening to vinyl records again today.


There's a major debate among the audiophile community about whether or not vinyl records provide a higher quality listening experience. Vinyl lovers swear that music on vinyl sounds more vibrant, while persnickety audio engineers claim that the actual science shows that digital music has more to offer in decibel range. You can debate the science all day but there's no denying that the experience of listening to vinyl is supreme. There's something about the sound of the needle in the groove, that soft scratchiness, that creates an unbeatably warm and comforting listening experience.


Another exciting aspect of the vinyl experience is that it feels more interactive. Rather than just clicking play on a streaming service, listening to vinyl records requires physical action and a choice. You have to select the record by hand. You have to clean it off to make sure you don't scratch the vinyl. Then you have to carefully place in on the turntable and set the needle in the groove without causing any havoc. While you're listening, you can enjoy the large artwork on the vinyl cover.


It used to be that the resurgence of vinyl was a fad for only the hippest hipsters or the nerdiest audiophiles, but that's not true any more. More and more people are getting into listening to vinyl and that makes it easier to find it at your local music store and online.


Because of the growing popularity, everything is available in vinyl now. It's hard to find a record you love that's isn't. Whether you love spinning the latest Fiona Apple release or you just want to put something like a video game soundtrack on vinyl in the background while you do chores or work on you computer, you'll find every possible option available.


Even though vinyl is becoming popular with a huge demographic of people today, there's also the inherent nostalgia of listening to a vinyl record. You can recreate the pops and scratches of a swanky jazz record digitally, of course, but it's just not the same as the real thing, spinning on your turntable.