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How To Improve The Quality Of Your Webcast Streams

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With technology being so accessible these days, anyone is able to start up a webcast stream and broadcast to the world. However, you will likely want to take the necessary steps to make the quality of your stream as high as possible. Here are some tips to help you do it.

Use A Second Computer

While you can do everything on a single computer, sometimes it is best to have a second computer handle the streaming elements, like encoding the video and uploading it to the web. Having a dedicated computer that is powerful enough to get the job done means that you'll have less of a delay when your viewers see your stream, which lets you talk to them in real-time.

Use A Green Screen

Many people that stream games tend to put themselves in the corner of their live stream so they can be seen. However, there will normally be a lot of your webcam background covering the game that you are streaming if you do it in this way. It's a good idea to use a green screen behind you so that you can just have your body shown in the corner of the screen. It will add a bit of a premium touch to your stream as well, which viewers will appreciate.

Use A Push-To-Talk Microphone

If you're streaming from a home with other people in it, you may have interruptions during the stream that you'd rather not have broadcasted. A push-to-talk microphone is going to instantly allow you to mute the audio coming in from your microphone without having to mess with digital control panels. You'll appreciate the convenience when the time comes that you need it. 

Use Graphic Overlays

Streaming software allows you to do a lot of things when it comes to graphical overlays on your stream. This gives you plenty of opportunities to include graphics that give a more premium experience to your viewers. For example, even something as simple as the topic of your stream for the day in a graphical format can help clearly communicate what your viewers will be seeing. 

Use A High-Quality Camera

Consider ditching the webcam that is built into your monitor, since it is likely very low quality and makes you look bad during your stream. You have the ability to upgrade the camera to one that is full HD or 4K to give a better look at you during your stream.

For more information about the tools you need for webcast streaming, reach out to a local service.