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Five Signs Of An Excellent News Source

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Although not all news sources are created equal, there are plenty of balanced and informative purveyors of excellent information. Know the signs of a great news source so you can enjoy reading the news with confidence.

1. Unbiased Ownership

A good news source is clear about who owns or funds their information. The information should be made clear on the "about" section of the news website, in the app details, or in the front matter of print sources. The source will also be clear about their own journalists, often including biographical information about their staff writers so you can learn more about the experience of those delivering the news.

2. Verifiable Sources

A good news story will include at least one source, and you should be able to trace the source back to its origins. For online news sources, there will often be links to the original studies or experts that provided the source information. Print sources may also contain links, or at least full names or the name of the study. Multiple sources are generally sought, as well, often those with opposing or differing viewpoints.

3. Clear Content Types

There are different types of content, and most news sources include several types. When it comes to a great news sources, any biased content types, such as opinion pieces, editorials, and corporate press releases, are generally clearly marked. They may be in their own section or simply have a title at the top to indicate that these are opinion pieces. Remember that having biased stories doesn't mean that the news source is bad — it just means that these stories are clearly marked so the reader is informed.

4. Lack of Bias

Bias is the main concern with the news, but it's generally not a concern when you are dealing with an excellent news source. In these sources, stories are interesting and engaging, but they don't single out one side of a debate or situation. Instead, they present balanced reporting that seeks to supply you with as much information as possible so you can come to your own conclusion.

5. Engaging

You know you have found the right news source for you when the stories draw you in and make you want to read. Even more, the stories should pique your interest enough that you may want to do more research or learn more about the story in the article.

Finding the right source for your daily dose of news stories is a personal thing, so be sure to check out multiple sources in your search. To learn more, contact a news organization like Coal Valley News.