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3 Tips For Watching Live Hockey Games On Phones

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Access to live sports streaming is a lot easier now thanks to high-speed internet connections and digital streaming services that host games. When you want to watch live hockey games, you can view teams from all over the world in an exciting sport. Not only can you stream hockey games, but you can watch them on your phone.

Viewing hockey games live on a phone is pretty simple, but there are some tips to enhance the experience and get the most out of the live games.

1. Use Do Not Disturb Mode

A smartphone has the ability to multi-task and run apps at the same time. While this is great for everyday use, it can become a real distraction as you try to watch live sports. If a text notification pops up or a phone call comes in, then you could miss out on a key play or moment within the game.

Before you start streaming, set your phone to "Do Not Disturb" mode. The mode will disable any pop-up notifications so you can enjoy full-screen video and not miss any plays while you watch.

2. Use Cheap VR Headsets

Many VR headsets are available where you slide your phone into the headset and can look through the lens to see your screen. A lot of the headsets are sold for less than $10 dollars and come with advantages for viewing basic content. The first is a hands-free experience. You don't have to constantly hold your phone or lean it against something.

A VR headset uses lenses to make your screen appear bigger. Instead of viewing the hockey games on a small screen, it looks like you are watching a big-screen TV. You can see small details like the puck flying across the ice or specific player actions.

Some of the headsets also feature built-in headphones so you can easily listen to the game as well.

3. Turn Off Auto-Brightness

To conserve battery power, many phones have auto-brightness automatically turned on. The auto-brightness could make some of the details hard to see in a hockey game. Manually adjust the brightness to make a screen brighter and more visible. With the adjusted brightness, you will easily see the screen and all of the in-game action.

After watching for a few minutes, you can find a brightness that fits your needs and keep it at the level for the duration of the game. The exact setting depends on the uniform colors and how bright the ice looks during the game.

Once you use these tips, you can experience hockey in a whole new way as you watch live hockey league games.