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3 Etiquette Tips For Your Corporate Yacht Charter

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If you are looking for a unique team-building experience or want to provide employee incentives, you may be looking at corporate yacht charters. While you may have frequented many corporate getaways in hotels, yachts are a little different. Here are three tips to keep in mind and share with your employees when traveling.

Be Courteous to the Crew

Since the yacht crew is responsible for the passengers' safety, it's important that all your team members show up for safety briefings on life jackets, life rafts, etc. Many yachts still operate by separating crew quarters from passenger quarters. This means that passengers should give the crew their privacy and shouldn't freely roam near their quarters.

Yacht crews on corporate charters have numerous duties, from route planning and navigation to preparing meals and providing housekeeping for the quarters. In short, you should be willing to provide a gratuity for all these different services. Gratuities are generally given to the captain, who will divvy up the tips to the rest of the crew. Usually, tips for European-based yacht trips may run between 5% to 15% while domestic or Caribbean charters may have 15% to 20% tips as the norm.  

Bring the Right Luggage

Although corporate yachts are luxurious, much of the space is still put towards utilitarian use. While you may have ample storage space in a hotel, your quarters and storage spaces on a yacht tend to be limited. Be sure to let your employees know to pack light. Instead of bringing hard-sided luggage, opt for soft luggage that can easily be collapsed when empty. Luggage should be lightweight and if not waterproof, at least water-resistant.

Understand the Ship's Shoe Policy

Every charter is different, but many yachts require passengers to remove outdoor shoes when walking on board. Shoes may be kept in quarters or in a basket provided at the end of the gangway. Some shoes, like stilettos, can damage the yacht's flooring and leave unsightly scuffs. Some yachts may allow certain shoe styles on deck, like soft-soled shoes, so it's a good idea to acquaint yourself with this policy so that your employees can pack an extra pair of shoes. For instance, if you want employees to wear professional clothes for the trip, then some people may only pack dress shoes and feel uncomfortable if they don't have extra shoes for walking around the yacht.

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