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Hiring The Best DJ For Your Wedding

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The DJ is an integral part of your wedding, and you must choose one who will do a great job. If you choose the wrong one, it can ruin the entire event. You may be wondering what the characteristics of a good wedding DJ are and what qualities you can look for that will help you choose a good one. 

Here are some essential things to consider when searching for the right DJ for your wedding: 


Like any profession, experience is vital when you're a wedding DJ because it means you've already made your mistakes and learned from them. If you hire an inexperienced DJ, they may make mistakes during your ceremony that an experienced one would already know better than to do. During your search, try to only reach out to DJs who have been in business for at least five years—or more when possible. 


Anyone can say they're a great DJ, but a real one will have many past clients willing to vouch for them. Most DJs have a list of references you can contact and ask about their experience working with them. The more high-quality references a DJ has, the more likely they will do a great job at your wedding. 


One of the essential things a DJ brings to an event is the sound quality of the music they play. You want to ensure that the music will be clear, at the correct volume, and it sounds good overall. Therefore, you should ask them about their equipment, and you can do some research to ensure that their equipment is high-quality and capable of producing great sound for your wedding. 

Music Selection

You probably have an extensive list of songs you want the DJ to play at your wedding, and they must have access to these songs. If you don't have a strict list of music, you should ask them what songs they typically play at weddings and ensure that they align with the vibe you're looking to create. Many DJs will print you out a list of songs they will play, and you can edit it however you like by adding and subtracting songs. 

Microphone Skills

Depending on the specific details of your wedding ceremony, you might want the DJ to make announcements, introduce the bride and groom, etc. You should ask to access video or audio of them DJing a past event to get a feel for how they perform on the mic. 

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