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The Power Of Suspense: What Makes A Great Young Adult Mystery Series

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In the world of young adult mystery series, there's no shortage of choice. From classic whodunit mysteries featuring an amateur sleuth on a mission to solve a crime to supernatural stories full of ghosts and goblins, these books have something for everyone.

So what makes a great young adult mystery series? This article explores the key elements that go into creating a compelling and captivating series.


Suspense is a powerful tool for keeping readers engaged in any work of fiction, but especially so in young adult mystery books. It's what keeps the reader guessing and wanting to see what comes next in the story. A good YA mystery series will create a sense of anticipation and curiosity, as each chapter or book is filled with intriguing clues and false leads that propel the story forward.

Suspense can also be used to ratchet up the tension in the story, creating an atmosphere of suspense that makes it almost impossible for you to break away from your immediate situation. This can be achieved through unexpected twists and turns or by crafting a thrilling chase scene — either way, when done right, it can make for an incredibly captivating read.

At its core, suspense involves surprise and anticipation. When you're surprised by something you weren't expecting — a mysterious character appearing out of nowhere — it creates a ripple effect that amplifies your desire to keep reading. 

Similarly, when elements are set up early in the story that suggests future events will be highly significant such as a hint at a major reveal, this creates anticipation, which readers find immensely satisfying when they eventually bear out.

By actively cultivating both surprise and anticipation throughout, a YA mystery book series can keep readers hooked until the very end.

Plot Twists  

Plot twists are a hallmark of the mystery genre, and they can be an incredibly effective way to keep readers hooked on your young adult mystery series. A well-executed plot twist can take an otherwise predictable story and make it infinitely more engaging, as it reveals entirely new layers to the narrative. 

In many ways, these twists can be seen as the secret ingredient that makes YA mysteries truly captivating. They twist the tale in unexpected directions, leaving the reader constantly guessing what will happen next.

Plot twists can also be used to change a seemingly hopeless situation into one with the potential for resolution. As readers work their way through a mystery, they may become convinced that there is no way out. 

But with a sudden shock that turns everything upside down, hope is in sight. This makes for an incredibly suspenseful experience as everyone scrambles to uncover the truth behind the twist and put all the pieces together.

Finally, plot twists can also help create depth and complexity within a story by introducing conflicts or characters that weren't previously visible. These elements may prove pivotal in resolving various dilemmas or puzzles presented throughout the book, creating a sense of satisfaction once resolved.

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