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3 Spooky Season Entertainment Show Options Other Than Haunted Houses

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In the months of September and October, many theme parks and resorts will transform areas to celebrate spooky season. While a majority of the entertainment revolves around building haunted house attractions, you can expand the spooky season options with other forms of entertainment. Some guests may not want to visit haunted houses but still celebrate the season.

When you work with a live entertainment company, you can plan and choose from a wide range of spooky season shows. Check out some of the options and ways to attract park guests with these various forms of live entertainment.

1. Monster Concerts

Provide a different form of live music options with monster concerts. Singers and band members can dress up in various outfits based on classic characters like mummies, skeletons, and Frankenstein's monster. The concert can feature a mix of classic Halloween music or some original songs.

The set designs and performances could have a mix of storytelling elements and provide some entertainment for the whole family. For example, a band could play music while costumed performers dance and interact with the audience.

2. Spooky Magic Shows

Magic shows are a regular part of theme park entertainment and you can provide guests with a spooky-themed magic show. Magicians can showcase a wide range of tricks with Halloween themes based around them. For example, a man could change into a wolfman. An empty bucket could suddenly fill with Halloween candy.

You could pick from several different themes that tie into the holiday. The magician could dress the part as well. For example, a female magician could dress as a witch and make the magic tricks actually seem like witch spells.

3. Stage Productions

Use stages located in your theme park to showcase a wide range of spooky productions. The stage shows can include longer shows or short shows that feature a variety of different options. For example, you could have stage productions that recreate some of the classic scenes from horror movies.

A stage show could feature an original story and production, including various musical numbers. A live entertainment company will often have a wide range of options to choose from for stage productions. The variety of options can help you make the best selection to fit into your typical theme park audience.

You can build advertisements based on these shows and really expand your park entertainment options.

For more information, contact an entertainment company near you.