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How To Improve The Quality Of Your Webcast Streams

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With technology being so accessible these days, anyone is able to start up a webcast stream and broadcast to the world. However, you will likely want to take the necessary steps to make the quality of your stream as high as possible. Here are some tips to help you do it. Use A Second Computer While you can do everything on a single computer, sometimes it is best to have a second computer handle the streaming elements, like encoding the video and uploading it to the web. Read More»

Three Important Attributes Of An Outdoor Portable Stage

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When you’re planning a stage production, one of the first decisions that you’ll need to make is where the event will take place. While there are benefits to holding indoor events, outdoor spaces offer plenty of advantages, too. For example, an outdoor space can typically accommodate more spectators, which is ideal if you want a large turnout at your event. If you’re leaning toward holding your event in the open air, you’ll likely need to rent a stage — and specifically look for one that is designed for outdoor usage. Read More»

5 Reasons To Start Listening To Vinyl Records Again

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Tech fads come and go and most of them are simply trends with no real quality, substance, or longevity.  But there are some trends that have stuck with us because they provide, if not superior technology, an experience that makes them worthwhile. Vinyl records are the perfect example of this. Even though vinyl seems like a thing of the past, it’s now the top selling physical form for music purchases. Here are five reasons to start listening to vinyl records again today. Read More»

5 Ways To Enhance Your Enjoyment Of The Dolly Parton Theme Park

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If you are planning on making a visit to a family amusement park, there are a few things you can do to enhance your journey and have a fun time during your trip. Way #1: Use the Free Parking You have enough things that you will have to pay for when you go to an amusement park; parking doesn’t have to be one of them. Although there is paid parking at most parks, there are lots of free parking opportunities. Read More»