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Three Fun Ways That Your Wedding DJ Can Keep Your Wedding Reception On Schedule

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If you and your spouse-to-be are planning your wedding reception, it’s possible that you’ll be setting a schedule to which you want to adhere. Most people have been to wedding receptions in which the adherence to the schedule is weak, and this can lead to an event that feels somewhat amateurish. If you want to keep the reception running on schedule, you might be reluctant to play the role of timekeeper on your big day. Read More»

Plan A Vineyard Wedding And Reception

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If you and your partner have gone on many wine tasting tours, you may have decided upon using one of the vineyards as the venue where your wedding and reception will take place. The rustic setting paired with the nostalgia of the location can provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable day or evening. Inquire About The Accommodations Some vineyard owners offer full-service wedding options, including a commercial kitchen, furnishings, a dining area, and restrooms. Read More»

5 Reasons To Do Team Building Activities With Your Employees

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As a business owner or manager, it’s important to always find ways for your company to improve and make positive changes. You can work on bettering skills and relationships with employees by implementing team building activities. You can do this on your own or you can look for team building activities and programs that already exist. Here are some reasons you should do team building activities with your employees. Increase Motivation Read More»

Marriage Survival Kits Are Awesome Wedding Gifts: 4 Reasons Why

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Wedding gifts can get rather boring quite quickly. After all, how many times can you buy a china set, crockpot, or decorative towels before it all becomes mundane? Even worse, some couples never even get around to using the items they receive. A gift that is fun, thoughtful, and most importantly, useful, is much better. Fortunately, a marriage survival kit is all these things and more. 1. Unique Giving is meant to be a selfless act, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Read More»

Tailgating For The First Time? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Tailgating is a very popular tradition many teams’ fans enjoy before a big game and even during one. If you have thought of going to a tailgate party but haven’t had the chance to attend yet, you are in for a treat. If you are heading to your first tailgate party before a big game, here is what you need to know. Go Early To Get Good Parking Tailgate parties tend to start a few hours before game time and often continue during the game, too. Read More»

Three Ways To Set Up Multiple TV's In A Video Gaming Room

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If you’re enough of a video game enthusiast that you want to devote a room in your home to this pastime, you’ll have fun thinking of all the ways to make this space appealing for your gaming sessions. The right decorations on the walls, comfortable seating, and other amenities can all contribute to your video gaming room, but the TVs that you install will be the focal point. For many gaming rooms, a variety of TVs is your best approach. Read More»

What To Expect From An Escape Room Experience

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Escape rooms have been popping up around the country, and they’re creating a lot of buzz. However, since they are relatively new forms of entertainment, not everyone knows exactly what they are or what one does in them. Escape rooms are a lot of fun for everyone, and the premise is to use provided clues to solve the puzzle that allows you to escape from the room before a set time expires. Read More»

Will The Weather Be Right? What You Should Know About Planning Your Bounce House

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There are few things children love as much as a large, inflatable bounce house. Bounce houses can be affordably rented for any type of celebration, whether it’s a birthday or a school event. The major concern many people have with bounce houses is whether the weather will be suitable. High winds and rains can make a bounce house a little more dangerous than it needs to be, so what can you do to prepare? Read More»

Listen Up...There Is A Better Way To Get Your Voice Across

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Soundboard on deck? Check. Speakers present? Check. Microphones ready to rock and roll? Check. This may be what you ask yourself each time you set up for a karaoke session at a bar or private venue, but you could truly be doing yourself and your business a disservice if the crowd cannot hear you. Don’t jeopardize your career as a disc jockey. Instead, invest in a PA system that will make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear. Read More»